Pett & Pett Level News – May 2020

The May edition of Pett & Pett Level News is now available to download from here
It is a somewhat unusual edition of the magazine, as regretfully we are unable to distribute printed copy.
If you have access to a wider email distribution list (for example the Gardening Club, Allotments Association,WI, or magazine subscriptions) may I ask you to forward this email onwards so that there can be as wide a distribution as possible.
Also you may know of someone, perhaps a friend or neighbour, who would benefit from a printed copy because they are unable to access the internet. If you, or someone you know, has the facility to print then perhaps you could consider printing all or part of this magazine for them (I have placed the adverts in the back to make it easier just to print off the local news and views).
If you are unable to print, then please email , or post a request on the Pett & Pett Level Community Facebook page, and it may be possible to find someone in the village who is able to print a copy.
With Best Wishes,
Mike Wilkins, Editor