Pett Pc Chairman’s Report

The parish council met in September and, for the first time since early last year, there was a full attendance, although, with the exception of Councillor Keith Glazier, no members of the public. It would be good if parishioners came, even if only occasionally, to see how the council works.

At the meeting, it was agreed, subject to the approval of the land owner, to contract a tree surgeon to reduce some potentially dangerous trees between the allotments and the village hall and to approach landowners about replacing the stiles on one of the most used footpaths in the village. Part of the cost for the latter would be taken from the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy), which is paid by developers and distributed to parish councils. There was also discussion of several planning applications. I would remind you that these can, of course, be seen (and commented on) by anyone on the Rother Planning Portal (

Also discussed at the council meeting was the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and how the parish should mark this. The WI are holding a Big Village Lunch on Sunday 5 June and the possibility of a 1950s night has been suggested for the Friday or Saturday (both Thursday and Friday are bank holidays next year) and an event at the recreation ground on the Saturday. However, the council would welcome other suggestions and any comments on how the jubilee might be marked, either with an event or with something permanent, such as memorial bench. Please let the clerk or myself know as soon as possible if you have any ideas. Those running organisations in the village will also be approached to see if there is any scope for cooperation.

Another topic agreed in principle at the council meeting was to establish a community award, similar to that in other parishes. A small subcommittee was set up to produce terms of reference for consideration at the next council meeting.

I am pleased to say that the village thank-you event in early September was a success Over 100 people attended, with about 25 children. All the entertainment was enjoyed by both young and old and donations were requested to go to Samaritans, which organisation seemed appropriate in view of some of the views aired in last month’s parish news. £90.00 was paid to Samaritans as a result.

Following my report of the broken Chicken Rocker in the playground, Peter Felton has replaced the broken cockerel, only to find that a second one had been broken. This also will be replaced in due course. It is not clear whether the breakages are due to vandalism or simply inappropriate use of the apparatus. The PCSO has been asked to keep an eye on the playground, but, if you see the apparatus being misused, please let the clerk or myself know. Again, I would remind you that users of the playground should be under 12.

I am also pleased to say that we have a new dog bin at the village hall. It has taken some time to obtain this, but many thanks to Councillor Andrew Mier for his efforts, which have helped to achieve this.

Finally, can I remind you that events taking place in the parish can be advertised on both Pettnet and the parish Facebook page? If you are organising an event, please remember to send details, either as text or as an image, to the clerk, whose email is given at the end the parish news.