Pett Open Gardens – Cakes!

Traditionally, the members of the Gardening Club have from time to time very generously made cakes for Chris and Robin Hutt when their garden is open to the public. Chris has sent the following email to Bob Harris, Chair of the Gardening Club.

Dear Bob,

Can I ask you to kindly forward the following message to all members of Pett Gardening Club:

We are coming up to Pett Village Gardens on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June. This is one of the largest gardening events that has ever been held in the village, with Ambleside, Breanross, French Court Farm and Fairlight End all opening simultaneously for the whole weekend.

The event is for charity, with the traditional nursing charities supported by the National Gardens Scheme benefitting, as well as Pett Village Hall.

At the heart of the event are home made cakes eaten on the lawn at Fairlight End. The visitors consume these in huge quantities and love the variety available. Pett cakes are known for their quality, no soggy bottoms here! In previous years, when Fairlight End alone has opened, friends and neighbours in the village have generously brought cakes along to support the event.

We need your help and support more than ever this year. PLEASE BAKE A CAKE FOR PETT VILLAGE GARDENS. Cakes can be delivered to Fairlight End on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 between 8 and 10 am. Please mark your container with your name and telephone number. Containers can be collected from Fairlight End in the week following the event.

We promise to keep you informed of funds raised for charity as soon as we can after the event.

Chris and Robin Hutt

Although Chris and Robin’s email is directed specifically at members of the Gardening Club, donation of cakes from non-members of the Club would also be most welcome!