PVHMC 28 October 2019 – Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the Pett Village Hall Management Committee held on 28 October 2019 can be read here

The main points to emerge from the meeting are:

  1. The two main bank accounts, including a separate account for booking deposits, will close and be replaced by one account with the facility to make and receive payments by BACS. It will probably be a few weeks before this takes place.
  2. The sewage pumps in the Hall need replacing and the sewage tank needs to be cleaned: cost c£4,000. This will take place later in November.
  3. The lighting throughout the building has been replaced with LED lighting. A review of the emergency lights is being undertaken. Cost: c£4,000.
  4. A more detailed procedure for reducing/withholding booking deposits has been agreed.
  5. A request is being made for a volunteer  Events Organiser to help the Committee.
  6. The floor in the main hall will be resurfaced after Christmas: cost c£2,200.
  7. There has been excellent feedback on the curtains and blinds recently installed in the main hall by Rectory Interiors.

As can be seen , there are some hefty essential maintenance bills in the offing. But given the very small amount of interest received on the Committee’s investments, the Committee consider that the money is better spent on maintaining the fabric of the Hall. It is also fortunate that the bookings and therefore income for the Hall are increasing (it is pretty much booked up until Christmas and bookings for 2020 are coming in steadily).

Thank you again to all Hall users for their continuing support for the Hall.

Tim Rothwell on behalf of Pett Village Hall Management Committee