Neighbourhood Watch and Pett Parish Council Meeting: 17 September

Prior to the meeting of Pett Parish Council on 17 September, Ted Kemp (Chairman) () and Chris Ashford, Treasurer, of Rother Neighbourhood Watch gave a presentation to local residents. Ted and Chris outlined the role Neighbourhood Watch plays in the community and gave details of how to become a member. You can join by visiting

Although individuals can join without there being local (unpaid) Co-ordinators, it would be very helpful if there were at least one or ideally more Co-ordinators for Pett and Pett Level. Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators have to be Police checked before they can start work. If you are interested in becoming a Co-ordinator, please contact Tim Rothwell in the first instance at

Tim is acting as the Communications Facilitator for Pett Parish Council in respect of Neighbourhood Watch.

More details on the presentation, and other issues relating to the current work of Pett Parish Council can be read in the September report of the Chair of the Parish Council, David Penfold, here