Motorway Roadworks and Emergencies

Sussex Police have sent the following message.

We are pleased to inform you that we have made arrangements for Neighbourhood Watch to be informed of significant planned road works and major emergencies on nearby Motorways. To give you some background, the M23 is currently being upgraded to be a Smart Motorway between junctions 8 – 10. This carries a substantial amount of traffic to and from Sussex including Gatwick Airport, and of course it connects to the M25. If a serious incident affects these roads then road users from far afield are affected and this increases congestion on other roads and routes. This impacts journey times and fuel costs, and can lead to further accidents. We appreciate that some of the recipients of these messages may live some distance from a motorway, so you may be less affected by motorway incidents, but on the other hand you might be planning a long journey!

The first message which we have received relates to the period Friday 12 October – Friday 19 October.

Work to improve journeys continues this week on the M23 between junctions 8 – 10. On Monday 15 October, for 2 nights, there will be a full closure southbound of junction 9 entry slip between 10pm and 4am. Traffic will be diverted via Airport Way, A23 London Road, A2011 Crawley Avenue to re-join the M23 at junction 10. On Wednesday 17 October for 3 nights, there will be a full closure Northbound at junction 9 entry slip road between 10pm and 4am. Traffic will be diverted to junction 10 on the M23 and back. There are narrow lanes and a reduced speed limit of 50mph North and South bound 24/7. Free recovery service is in place and all CCTV cameras are live.

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