Minutes of the Meeting of PVHMC 8 July 2019

The draft minutes of the meeting of the Pett Village Hall Management Committee held on Monday 8 July 2019 can be read here

A few things to note:

  • The Committee have agreed that the carpets in the Hall should be replaced, that blinds should be installed in the main hall, and that a sound system be installed in the main hall. These improvements are possible because of the healthy financial position of the Hall.
  • The Hall’s insurance brokers have confirmed that generally there is no need for Hall users to have their own public liability insurance cover other than where certain activities are being undertaken. These include bouncy castle hire and certain other sports-type activities. The Committee confirmed that they are of the view that the badminton group should continue to have separate public liability insurance.
  • The Committee have noted that National Village Halls Week takes place from 20-25 January. Village Halls are being encouraged to hold a special event on 25 January to mark the event. The Committee noted that 25 January is also Burns Night, and the Committee have agreed to organise a Burns Night Supper at the Village Hall on 25 January 2020. Further de3tails to follow.
  • Th next two meetings of the Committee will be held on Monday 2 September and Monday 28 October starting at 7.00pm.