Isaac and Orla raise money for paediatric wards at the Conquest

Our children, Isaac (9) and Orla (7) Collinson who attend Guestling Bradshaw School, raised £150 during lockdown for the paediatric wards at the Conquest Hospital.
They handmade Bookmarks, Get Well Soon Cards, Rainbows and Hearts and sold them, from a distance, to the local residence and passing dog walkers of Pett Village.
They manned their stalls on three different days during lock down, and as word spread, many donations and shoppers were welcomed!
Michael Collinson (father) works as a charge nurse on the Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit and Kipling Ward and was amazed at the money raised by the children.  Isaac and Orla asked to buy two tablets for the wards to be used as distraction and play therapy for when children were swabbed for Covid-19 and when having blood tests.
The ward gratefully received the donation of two tablets in September!!!
We have attached some photos below to show their progress.
Hannah and Michael Collinson
conquest 1

conquest 3



conquest 2