Freezing weather – Advice on how to reduce the risk of burst pipes

As the freezing weather looks likely to continue across the region this week, there are simple steps everyone can take to reduce their risk of burst pipes.


Helen Simonian, Director of Wholesale Water Services for Southern Water,  said:


“Regular boiler servicing will help prevent pipes freezing if your boiler breaks down. Fixing a dripping tap and lagging water tanks and pipes is also important, particularly close to doors and other cold spots in your home or business. The first you will know of a burst pipe is when the thaw comes so make sure you know where your stopcock is so you can quickly limit the damage, if the water starts gushing. Business owners should make sure they check on their premises and turn off the water if they are being left unattended. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for helpful advice and information.”


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Sue Cobb

Stakeholder Engagement

Southern Water