Forthcoming closure of Pett Road: Further Informationas

Councillor Glazier has been provided by East Sussex Highways with the following further information about the forthcoming closure of Pett Road

The drainage investigation will be using a larger more powerful jetting machine that will jet, camera and map the drainage system along this road. It will be able to clear blockages from greater diameter pipes over longer distances. It will also identify any other issues such as broken/disjointed pipes and root infestation. Further work may need to be undertaken at a later date to resolve these issues. This work is required because historical data shows the gullys here regularly block and have required multiple visits by the regular jetting machine. However, this has only provided a temporary fix and larger scale works are required to resolve the issues.

To minimise disruption to daytime traffic and business activity the road will be closed between 7pm and 4am and whilst there will be no excavations of the road, the road closure is still required to accommodate the large jetting machine. However, access will still be available to locals and the caravan park although they may need to be a little patient as there may be a short delay and will be guided by the site personnel. The works are mobile as they move down the road accessing each gully. It may be a little disruptive for a short while if they are working outside a resident’s house.