Dog attack on Chick Hill Bank
Post by Andrew Dunlop
On Wednesday 13th June 2018, 50 ewes and their lambs were chased upon Chick Hill Bank.  4 were brutally killed and others were injured and severely traumatised.  Some were chased into the Marsham Sewer.  The sheep were witnessed in a state of distress and running into the corner of the field at approximately 3pm.
All 4 animals were viciously mauled by a powerful dog.  The terror and stress that these sheep have endured is clear from the photographs provided.  Please be aware this dog has the taste for blood and will kill again.  Please keep your dogs under control and your garden securely fenced to avoid a repetition of this very upsetting incident.
Owners of a white Husky were seen out looking for their missing dog about the same time.  If you (or the owners) have any further information about this attack, please come forward and report either directly to the police or myself, crime reference number 0285-14062018.  A reward will be given for any information leading to a prosecution.
Andrew Dunlop
Lunsford Farm 01424 813368