Coffee Morning April Update

Coffee Morning and Community Library Notes

and not forgetting the Jigsaw Puzzle Library

Our focus in the library is on crime this month, as we have a fair number of crime novels and thrillers at present. We will aim to separate out a selection to make them easy to find at the May Coffee Morning, so do come and have a browse. It is free and we are friendly!!

Our Book of the Month and new to our collection, a crime novel with a historical background, is “The First Casualty” by Ben Elton (yes, that Ben Elton!) It is dedicated to his two grandfathers, who, as he says, served on opposite sides in the First World War. The title of the book refers to the saying that the first casualty of war is truth, and the book explores the difficulty of discerning truth in wartime. In Belgium in 1917 a British officer and celebrated and popular poet is discovered to have been shot and killed in hospital. The soldier arrested for the murder protests his innocence. To investigate the case, a police detective who has been imprisoned as a conscientious objector in London is released and sent to Ypres. Here he finds all his beliefs challenged in his search to discover the truth of the case. What is justice in the face of unimaginable daily slaughter? And what is the difference between sanctioned and illegal murder?

Jane is delighted to say that Pett Puzzles has been allocated some shelving up in the “gallery” at Pett Village Hall. What this means is that she won’t have to cart puzzles to and from her house any more and the whole puzzle collection will be accessible and not just a small selection. It will also mean that anyone wishing to borrow a puzzle will be able to access the puzzle library when Jane is not around and at times other than the monthly coffee morning. Jane will leave a ledger of some sort, and would ask you to fill this in when puzzles are collected or returned. You will obviously only be able to access the gallery, which is through the doors by the hatch and up the stairs at the car park end of the main hall, when the hall is open. Please be mindful of people using the main hall and only go through if you will not create a disturbance. Don’t forget there is a catalogue of puzzles online on the Pett Puzzles page of Pett on the Net

If you need any help at all with choosing or collecting puzzles, please contact Jane Sweaney (curator, Pett Puzzles) on 07788 410342.

And just a reminder that Robert, who offers hearing aid support and replacement batteries, is becoming very busy so please try and come early in the session. If you do have to wait, of course there is tea/coffee and cake to purchase and library books and jigsaw puzzles to browse and borrow.

Next Coffee Morning Wednesday 3rd May, 10 – 12. See you there.

The Coffee Morning Team