Christine Harris (24th October 1925 – 26th May 2021)

christine harris

The families of Christine Harris would like to thank all family, friends, and carers for their messages of condolence regarding her passing.

Christine was born into the Cooke Dynasty, the daughter of Reginald Cooke and Gladys Begbie, in 1925. She spent the majority of her life in and around Pett.

Unfortunately, due to the death of her mother at an early age, she spent much of her life suffering with anxiety and depression.

She attended Pett School and, not enjoying sport, discovered that if she was slow getting changed, by the time she got to the recreation field it was time to go back! She was however an avid Girl Guide, and we have her badges to prove it!

She achieved her Pitman Secretarial Diploma and was employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries during the war.

She loved dancing and music, especially Country and Western, and told us that, in a different time, she would have liked to have become a photographer.

After marrying and having a family, and including a spell in Gloucestershire, she settled back in Fairlight. She then got a part-time job at Pett Level Stores, working for the infamous ‘Joe’ and Linda Goldsmith. She stayed there for many happy years.

Her second marriage to ‘Jimmy ‘Harris brought her back to Pett for a further 40 plus years.

She was involved in all aspects of village life:

  • jumble sales – she took upon herself to wash, iron, and label everything prior to the sale
  • collecting for charity door to door
  • fetes and the Flower Show, which was pioneered by her father
  • anything to do with The Lifeboat / Coastguard Association / The Beach Club, all with close family connections.
  • And, of course, both Churches.

Physically for her age she was in good health. Supported by carers she had her final wish which was to stay in her own home. She was happy sitting in her front sun porch, watching and acknowledging people as they walked past. They would pop in for a chat and to admire her Poinsettias.

She leaves behind, 2 daughters, 8 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandson.

Marie and Lorna plus all the families