Burglary Crime and Prevention and Awareness Campaign – 2018

Pett on the Net has received the following email from Sussex Police:

‘The force launched the summer burglary crime prevention and awareness campaign for this year on Sunday 20 May which will run until Saturday 27.

There will be operational activity where our Prevention Enforcement Teams will concentrate their efforts on searching for people who are wanted on warrant and for those who are named as suspects for burglary offences. Updates will be posted on local District social media accounts.

We’ll be sharing on our social media stories from real people who have experienced burglary together with the consequences. Their stories reflect the emotional impact which this crime has on individuals, their families and the convictions given to those responsible. If you are a social media user, do give us a follow.

Use this link to read them https://sussex.police.uk/advice/protect-your-home-and-belongings/burglary/burglary-victim-stories/
Operation Magpie launched in 2015 and since then we have been vigilant in sending out consistent crime prevention advice to remind people how they can safeguard their property and reduce the chance of being burgled.

Of the 43 UK police forces, Sussex is rated as eighth highest in the national league table (Iquanta data) as one of the least likely places to live and be burgled.

Already in the last couple of weeks we’ve had some excellent results catching those suspected of committing burglary within our county. Six people have been remanded in custody for burglary offences.

Remember you can register your belongings and encourage your family and friends to do the same at Immobilise, the free national property register.

Use this link to register https://www.immobilise.com/

Use this link to watch a short clip and find out more about Immobilise https://sussex.police.uk/advice/protect-your-home-and-belongings/burglary/

Kind regards

Alasdair Henry

Detective Chief Inspector, Burglary Prevention Lead’