Bonfires: Please Think of Others

Now that our garden waste collection service has been suspended, at least for the next few weeks, people are likely to have more bonfires than usual. As a result, a number of residents have asked for a note to be put on Pett on the Net and the Pett Facebook page about bonfires during the current coronavirus pandemic.

If you do intend having a bonfire, please consider your neighbours. We’re all being asked to remain in our homes and gardens so there’s no escape if someone ‘downwind’ starts burning garden waste.

People may be sitting or working in their gardens or drying washing, and doors and windows may be open.

More importantly, neighbours may be unwell. Bonfire smoke is polluting and potentially a health hazard, particularly to those with heart and respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis – or even the corona virus itself – and who need to be in a well-ventilated room.


Compost green garden waste, and chip/shred the rest. This can be used as a mulch to prevent weeds growing, like bark, and will bio-degrade. But do not use diseased material as a mulch.

If a bonfire is unavoidable please see the Environment Agency’s advice:

  • Site bonfires well away from houses
  • Check wind direction and make sure it’s blowing away from surrounding properties
  • Burn in the evening when doors and windows are more likely to be closed
  • Supervise burning and check the fire has gone out before leaving it
  • Limit the number of bonfires

We are all in this together and your co-operation would be much appreciated.

Thank you.