The new Management Committee of the Pett Village Hall Committee met for the first time on Monday 4 June 2018. I am very pleased to report that we now have the necessary eight members/management trustees as set out in the constitution. Steps are being taken to register these with the Charity Commission to ensure that the Village Hall is fully compliant with the requirements of the Commission. We also have elected a Chair and Vice-Chair.

The members of the committee are as follows:

Carol Glasson

David Hance

Carol Pecorini

Fran Pitts (Secretary)

Tim Rothwell (Chair, Bookings and Website Manager)

Richard Smith (Treasurer)

Mike Wilkins (Vice-Chair)

Helen Wilson

The Committee is examining other issues relating to its constitution to see if any amendments/additions need to be made to reflect the role the hall plays in the life of the village. The necessary changes to the bank account mandates are being made as a matter of urgency to enable, amongst other issues, cheques to be signed by the new officers. Arrangements are also being put in place to ensure that the fabric of the hall is properly maintained on a day-to-day basis and that health and safety requirements are complied with.

An important issue in the short term is the insurance policy for the hall, including whether or not the building can be insured at an acceptable premium to allow for badminton to be played in the main hall once again. The current policy is due for renewal this August and we will report on developments as soon as possible.

The separate website for the Village Hall has now been closed and the relevant information relating to the hall, including booking arrangements and the 500 Club, are available on Pett on the NeT.

The outgoing and incoming Committee are very grateful to Jason Thomas for his expertise and hard work in maintaining the Village Hall website and for facilitating the transfer of information to Pett on the Net.

The monthly calendar for bookings will be available on the website to enable users to check availability and see what’s on. The calendar for June has already been uploaded and the remaining months of the year will be available soon.

A reminder that the email address for bookings is now telephone 07850 469314.

The Committee is starting to look at fund-raising and other events at the hall, including jumble sales, craft fairs and the annual Halloween Party. Any suggestions for such events would be most welcome.

Finally, the new Committee once again wishes to thank the outgoing Committee for all its help, encouragement and support in ensuring a smooth transfer of responsibilities to the new team.

The next meeting of the Committee will be held at the Village Hall on Monday 2 July and we welcome as many of you as possible to come along and contribute. Your input is essential if the Village Hall is to continue to fulfil its function as the focal point for community activities.


Tim Rothwell

Chair, Pett Village Hall Management Committee





 Since the March issue of the Village News the PVHMC have held 2 monthly meetings.

At the February meeting items discussed included:

January expenditure totalling £5000; Donations received from POPPs and the Pudding Run in December; Car Park Kerbing costing £1158.00; Replacement of all basin taps in the ladies and gents toilets; Pest control; Fire extinguishers being tampered with; Web link with Pett Village Hall website and Pett on the Net and Fundraising events for March.

Any other business (only lasting 50 minutes !) was dominated by discussion with 7 members from the badminton group asking again why the “multi use” hall floor is not suitable for playing badminton?

  • Since the outcome of the insurance claim the insurance provider will only insure the village hall if badminton continue to play using specialist court mats which are expensive and also cumbersome to move and store.
  • There are companies that can inspect the floor but they are expensive, and there is no guarantee of the outcome being in favour of use to play badminton.
  • Why was the hall marked up for badminton if it can’t be played? The company that laid the new floor in June 2014 put down a coat of Bona Sportive Lacquer (anti slip) which was suitable for purpose.  We all know rules and specifications are updated and can change.  For example why do you have to wear a seatbelt in a car when you didn’t have to before?
  • Why are other groups allowed to continue to use the village hall? Pilates, Keep Fit, Pole Dancing, Yoga, and Dance Fitness, all have qualified instructors and their own insurance. Despite repeated requests, badminton did not have its own insurance at the time of the alleged accident.  Arguably, hindsight being a wonderful thing, the badminton group should not have been allowed to continue renting the hall.
  • However, there were so many passionate outbursts at the May 2016 AGM by the badminton group towards the management committee that a letter was sent to D. Clark on 8th May which included this statement:

“It is understood that the group now has current insurance.  In future the decision as to whether the group considers the hall floor to be suitable to playing badminton is entirely the decision of the members of the badminton group.  If the members do not consider it to be suitable then they should not play.  This committee is not making a judgement as to the suitability of the floor for the purpose of playing badminton.  If the group is prepared to accept this proviso by responding in writing to the committee, then PVHMC welcomes the group to continue to use the hall from that date that such as assurance has been received by the committee.”

  • A letter was received from D.Clark:

“We the badminton group using the Pett Village Hall agree to the terms laid down in your letter dated 8th May 2016 using the hall for the purpose of playing badminton”.

  • Can CCTV be installed in the hall? Very controversial under the data protection act.

The March meeting was slightly less stressful as there was very little forward planning as the current management committee do not want to impose forthcoming events on a new elected committee in May.

Items discussed included:

  • PAT testing; emergency lighting and the repair of an outside lighting bollard; service of the sewage pumps; landscaping the area at front of building with a fence/railing and turf being laid (this being a more instant solution than grass seed).
  • The cold snap meant that several regular users had to cancel their bookings, which they will not be charged for. One of the central heating boilers failed when a pipe froze but Booker and Best carried out an emergency repair to get it working.
  • Why wasn’t a pathway cleared in the snow to the village hall? HELLO –   do we want another claim on the insurance for a slip or trip!
  • Flowerpots playgroup might not be able to continue as the current organiser is standing down so maybe there is someone in the village that would be interested in taking over.
  • Bookings are still being taken for parties, wedding receptions and workshops for the rest of this year and beyond.

We are anticipating the village hall continuing to function with a new management committee at the helm, so give this some thought if you want to volunteer to ensure the village hall’s sustainability.  If you are interested please contact David Penfold

Because of a bank holiday the April meeting will be held on 9th April 7.00pm.

The AGM on 14th May 7.30pm will be held at the village hall.  This includes the election of 8 officers/trustees for the posts:  Chair; Vice Chair; Treasurer; Bookings Manager; Admin/Secretary; 3 committee members.

Other roles for consideration include: Website Administrator; Hall Maintenance; Health & Safety Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator which can be carried out by the officers/trustees or committee members.

The present management committee will do everything possible to provide as much support as they can for a seamless transition for the hand over.





The Pett Village Hall Management Committee – What We Do

On the first Monday of every month, unless it falls on a Bank Holiday, the Pett Village Hall Management Committee holds a meeting at 7.00pm in the village hall.  These meetings are advertised in the village news magazine and are open to the public so there is no excuse for not knowing when the meetings are held.

The committee consists of 9 volunteers who give up their time to manage the village hall on behalf of Pett.  They not only attend the monthly meetings but help in many other ways to run and sustain the village hall: managing the bookings and accounts and maintenance of the building; checking the hall before and after bookings; carrying out risk assessments and Health & Safety checks; coordinating with contractors; running fund raising events; managing the 500 Club and more.  Pett Village Hall is a registered charity so everything has to comply with the Charity Commission standards and legal requirements.

The hall is hired out regularly to a playgroup; keep fit; pole dancing; dance class; yoga; short mat bowls; pilates; railway club; POPPs; WI; gardening club; weight watchers; parish council and church parochial council.  Most weekends the hall is used for parties, weddings and workshops, so all in all it is a very popular venue and an asset for Pett.  So many people that hire the hall are thrilled with the venue and facilities and book again and many give great comments.

At the January meeting the topics discussed were as follows:

  • A question and answer session (lasting over 1 hour) regarding the badminton group – after an out of court settlement was awarded by the hall’s insurers for an alleged injury sustained by a badminton group player which was not reported to the management committee or put in the accident book.
  • The monthly accounts.
  • Bookings.
  • Maintenance of the heating.
  • Taps constantly being left on which have added to the cost of utility bills as water is metered.
  • The car park area which needed urgent attention. Kerbing has been completed and paid for.
  • PAT testing, light bulbs and emergency light fittings which need to be replaced.
  • Someone had driven into one of the external lighting bollards with some force – this now needs to be capped off and made safe – ironic really as the bollard was damaged during daylight hours!
  • Shrubbery has been cleared away from the front of the building as it was discovered to be a haven for rodents.
  • Pest control is carried out by a reputable company 4 times a year but being in a rural setting “wildlife” control is an ongoing problem.
  • In the spring grass seed will be put down to tidy up the area at the front of the building.

We are grateful for the support given by Ann Nichols who runs POPPs.  She is the ONLY regular user who attends the monthly meetings and she always thanks the committee for all their hard work.  Also appreciated was Councillor David Penfold’s article in January’s issue of the Village News praising the work of PVHMC.

Sometimes problems arise and are not immediately brought to the attention of the committee.  There is a Maintenance Book for reporting such problems which is kept in a labelled cupboard in the kitchen, along with the Accident Book.  Both are regularly checked.  If as a hirer/user you don’t know where these are located or need instruction on how to fill them in, then contact the committee, preferably at a meeting.

As from the end of April the current committee are not seeking re-election so this is a great opportunity to put yourself forward to serve on the management committee.  The AGM is on 14th May and this is when the election of officers and committee members takes place, so give it some thought.

 If you feel that you could help and take on a role as a committee member put your name forward.  It would be wonderful to have fresh ideas and extra help with a lot of the work that goes on, mainly in the background, of which most people are blissfully unaware.

Pett Village Hall Management Committee – February 2018