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September 2019


This will take place on Sunday 13th October at 9.30am and donations of produce will be very welcome.

We will serve tea and coffee at the end of the service and will auction all the perishable produce, the proceeds of which will be sent to Farm Africa. The non-perishable produce will be donated to Family Support Work.

Please come and join us.


There is a lot more talk of risks nowadays. I just want to offer reassurance to all that in Pett Church we take seriously any risks which may be faced by congregations or parishioners.

Within the risks is, of course, the risk of abuse to children and vulnerable adults. This is taken very seriously in this Diocese and members of the Parochial Church Council and others have received information and training.

Our insurers, Ecclesiastical Insurance, have sent a lot of guidance on other risks, such as fire. We have complied with most of the requirements and are planning to fill in any gaps as soon as possible. I was inclined to be sceptical about fire risk but reading what the insurers say and, perhaps more importantly, learning of the fire at The George in Rye, I now do take it very seriously.

There was a recent inspection of all these parish provisions when the Diocese checked that we were complying with requirements and I am glad to say that the Diocese was satisfied with what we are doing in Pett.

If you have any queries about any of this do get in touch with me.

It is important for you to know that starting on SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER the first service in the month will start at 10.30am.

The main reason for this change is that on the first Sunday in the month the Fairlight organist and choir attend our service and it will be easier for them as the mornings become dark and wintry to come to church at 10.30am.

Some people consider changing the time of a service very difficult to accept and theologically dangerous…a bit like the ordination of women or gay marriages. BUT we are only trying it out and will look at it again when the days are getting longer.


September 8th Baptism Poppy Godfrey


Angela Hawksley and Meriel Deasy

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

A big thank you, from Fran Rogers, to all who donated mugs to St. Nicholas on Pett Level. She now has enough for the time being, but thanks you all for your generosity.

Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit

Remembering is the tribute we give to those we have loved and admired who are dead. This often includes reading the name of the deceased. I was thinking about this as I recalled the Flower Festival at Pett Church in June. The flower arrangements were dedicated to the memory of loved ones and we could read their names on the arrangements and on the programme.

And so, we are not only grateful to the sponsors for their financial contributions but we are also grateful for the opportunity to read all those names.

What is the significance of the Latin quotation above (translation: perhaps even this will one day be a pleasure to recollect) which is from Virgil’s Aeneid? Because as time goes by grief for the death of a loved one can metamorphose into lots of happy memories and so provide comfort and hope.

Angela Hawksley



Do you have any photos of Pett Level that you think might look good on a card?  No reward except a name credit on the back of the card.  We are always looking for fresh images that people might like to buy. Or if you would like cards printed up for your own use that can be arranged too, maybe of your house or pet?  Email any photos to



You will be aware of concerns in the papers and on the news of the potential misuse of data through transfer to third parties.  The Government will bring GDPR into effect on 25th May.  The Parochial Church Council (PCC) does hold persona data.  Some of this data is a legal requirement such as marriage registers and the electoral roll; some is to manage finance, such as gift aid and donations.  The PCC’s Privacy Notice can be seen on the church noticeboards and on the church website.  Please be assured we do not pass on any personal information but please let us know if you have any concerns at all or have any questions.  If your information is held in any of our files you will be sent a consent form to sign in the next few weeks so that we can continue to contact you about anything which relates to the running of our churches.



In the last few months it has been noticed that small items have been taken from Pett church, such as crockery, extension cord, and flowers from the churchyard, and other various items. So far nothing of significant value has been taken, but this is a worrying trend that needs to be curtailed if we are to leave the church open to all.  Please let us know if you see anything suspicious.  In the meantime we would ask that you contact a member of the church (at the back of the magazine) to pick up items rather than leaving them in the back of the church or in the porch.  Or take them during a Sunday service where they can immediately be handed over.  Thank you.



If you have items for this very worthwhile charity, can you call Jan Marsh on 812737 to let her know when you might drop items off in the church porch so she can pick them up immediately?  Thank you.






Last year we had a centrefold in the Village News magazine, which could be complete if you wanted to become a Friend.  We have recently sent out renewals for this year.  If you missed that opportunity and would like to help support the upkeep of the church there are forms inside both St Mary and St Peter AND St Nicholas.  Please help keep our churches in good repair and support the projects we are undertaking.


St Mary & St Peter in Photos

(All photos courtesy of Fran Rogers)

St Mary and St Peter, Pett


St Mary and St Peter, Pett, exterior


St Mary and St Peter – Interior



St Mary and St Peter – Stained Glass Window



The church clock – from inside the spire


Members of the Parochial Church Council discussing what work needs to be done need to be done at the back of the church interior



The War Memorial in the churchyard – this will be the focal point for the centenary commemoration of the end of World War One later this year: it is scheduled for restoration – see here for further details