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7th September, Memorial Service for Amanda Crisford


Sunday 14th October at 9:30am.  Harvest Songs of Praise.  After the service the perishable produce will be sold and the proceeds donated to Farm Africa.  The non-perishable items will be donated to Family Support Work.  Please leave your gifts of produce at the back or the church; better still bring them to the service and stay for refreshments afterwards.


St Nicholas, Pett Level on October 25th at 2:30pm


Sunday 11th November is Remembrance Day.  Pett has the great privilege of hosting the Royal British Legion who will be officiating on this 100th anniversary so please set aside time to attend this special service.  There will more information in the November magazine.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) thought the community should be informed of the incoming and outgoing costs of running our village churches.  Below outlines year-to-date income and expenses.  If you are interested in having more detail you are welcome to call any member of the PCC or attend our meetings.  The next meeting is on Thursday 18th October at 7pm in Pett Cricket Pavilion.


Running costs since January 2018 – £10,485.54

This includes: Utilities (£470)

Grass cutting (£810)

Contribution toward Clergy and Diocesan costs (£7,407)

Insurance (£998)

Maintenance £579)


Income since January 2018 – £12,006.58

This includes: Service Collections/planned giving (£3,771),

Weddings and Funerals (£934)

Flower Festival (£2,272)

Parish Council grass cutting (£600)

Donations (£2,507)

Reclaimed Gift Aid (£1,533)


We currently hold £13,000 in our general bank account, which equates to just one year of running costs.

We also have a building/fabric bank account, which is separate from the above, with £11,000

We are additionally holding £4,000 to cover repairs to the tower but this may significantly increase after a recent survey.



We recently had a surveyor and the church architect inspect the stonework at the top of the tower, just below the tiled spire.  The stonemason was anxious about the deterioration in the stone and, indeed, more work will be required than we previously anticipated or the £5,000 which was budgeted.  We are unable to move forward with internal decoration and other works until this problem has been fixed.  We will update the community when we know more.


You can find details of the latest church services here


At St Nicholas, Pett Level, on Thursday 27th September,  starting at 2:30pm for half an hour.


Both churches now have a new donation box.  The old one in Pett Church was well hidden and impossible to use.  Plus someone had managed to open the one in St Nicholas and it was no longer “safe”.  The new boxes are both placed by the entry doors and very visible.  Feel free to try them out with a few coins (or notes)!


This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the Rector’s ordination.  Today’s service is a Benefice Communion to be held at St Andrew’s, Fairlight at 10:30am.  The Bishop of Lewes will be attending (not sure he’ll be on his Harley this time).


Thank you to all who have been dropping off books at the two churches.  Unfortunately we no longer have much available space at Pett Church.  Many times we have to recycle books that are old or not suitable such as old travel guides or cookery books (everyone uses computers these days), and this takes time, and space in our recycling bins!  St Nicholas can only take modern paperback FICTION books.  Please do not leave factual books or old hardbacks.  Also, no one seems to have VCRs any more so please, only DVDs not videos.



Do you have any photos of Pett Level that you think might look good on a card?  No reward except a name credit on the back of the card.  We are always looking for fresh images that people might like to buy. Or if you would like cards printed up for your own use that can be arranged too, maybe of your house or pet?  Email any photos to



It was a very hot Sunday morning and over 100 people came to the Sea Sunday service on Pett Level beach.  We were joined by people from four local churches and children from Guestling school who sang two songs and enacted a drama.  Thanks go to the Rescue Boat crew for their hospitality and refreshments, and to everyone for their support and helping us to raise £260 for the Mission to Seafarers.


In the Christian Aid report at the end of May it was printed that the collection at the Methodist church was £14.  This was a misprint; it was £114. Also Guestling School collected £300 from their ‘Big Brekkie’ event for Christian Aid.

Hopefully you have been reading the War Memorial renovation updates each month.  Whilst the church is enthusiastically supporting this work, the initiative is being driven and partially funded by Pett Parish Council and private donations.  If you haven’t yet donated then please do so in the many boxes in the churches and local businesses or call David Breakell, who will happily pop by to collect any donation, on 01424 812964.

You may have noticed that the Church Clock is running a lot better recently.  This is in no small part to Christine Deacon who keeps her eye and ear on it and immediately calls “Dave the Clock” (as he is affectionately known) in to fix it as soon as it is a minute out!  Thanks Christine.



You will be aware of concerns in the papers and on the news of the potential misuse of data through transfer to third parties.  The Government will bring GDPR into effect on 25th May.  The Parochial Church Council (PCC) does hold persona data.  Some of this data is a legal requirement such as marriage registers and the electoral roll; some is to manage finance, such as gift aid and donations.  The PCC’s Privacy Notice can be seen on the church noticeboards and on the church website.  Please be assured we do not pass on any personal information but please let us know if you have any concerns at all or have any questions.  If your information is held in any of our files you will be sent a consent form to sign in the next few weeks so that we can continue to contact you about anything which relates to the running of our churches.



In the last few months it has been noticed that small items have been taken from Pett church, such as crockery, extension cord, and flowers from the churchyard, and other various items. So far nothing of significant value has been taken, but this is a worrying trend that needs to be curtailed if we are to leave the church open to all.  Please let us know if you see anything suspicious.  In the meantime we would ask that you contact a member of the church (at the back of the magazine) to pick up items rather than leaving them in the back of the church or in the porch.  Or take them during a Sunday service where they can immediately be handed over.  Thank you.



If you have items for this very worthwhile charity, can you call Jan Marsh on 812737 to let her know when you might drop items off in the church porch so she can pick them up immediately?  Thank you.



Thank you to Diane Sinclair for donating an almost new, large, portable gazebo for church use.  This will come in very useful for many events, such as our upcoming Flower Festival.





Last year we had a centrefold in the Village News magazine, which could be complete if you wanted to become a Friend.  We have recently sent out renewals for this year.  If you missed that opportunity and would like to help support the upkeep of the church there are forms inside both St Mary and St Peter AND St Nicholas.  Please help keep our churches in good repair and support the projects we are undertaking.


St Mary & St Peter in Photos

(All photos courtesy of Fran Rogers)

St Mary and St Peter, Pett


St Mary and St Peter, Pett, exterior


St Mary and St Peter – Interior



St Mary and St Peter – Stained Glass Window



The church clock – from inside the spire


Members of the Parochial Church Council discussing what work needs to be done need to be done at the back of the church interior



The War Memorial in the churchyard – this will be the focal point for the centenary commemoration of the end of World War One later this year: it is scheduled for restoration – see here for further details