St Mary & St Peter – Latest News


THANK YOU to all of you who came, so many we lost track…25…30?  What a difference you made!  Thanks for those who brought food; and to Andy for hauling trailers of vegetation away.


We are sorry to have cancelled the meeting on 13th March and apologies to anyone we didn’t contact in time and who turned up.   After a meeting on the 11th the PCC wanted to be better prepared (not to mention we forgot to say where the meeting was to be held)!  With the Jumble Sale and Easter looming and a concert in May, we thought Wednesday 5th June at 7pm in the Village Hall might be a better date (longer evenings, better weather).  By then the Steeple should have been repaired (scaffolding will be going up again soon).  We might even have a few refreshments to entice you!  DO YOU HAVE COMMENTS TO MAKE?  If you cannot attend please let us know your thoughts about Pett Church.  We will put a suggestion box inside the church, but you can also contact any Church member listed at the back of the Magazine.  This is YOUR church and we value your opinions.


Our “Happy Birthday” flag has already had an outing!  We also have a large blackboard and coloured chalks at the back of the church so you can write your own message and place the board on the bank, in front of the wall.  Let everyone know whose birthday you are celebrating, and, if your dare, their age.  Call Gill Buttle on 812012 to arrange.  We just ask for a £2 donation in the box.


Sunday 21st April at 10:45am   Each year it becomes more popular.  Tea, coffee and biscuits for the spectators!  A donation is always welcome to help toward costs, but not essential.  If you can supply some eggs please call or text Becky Ware 07778 427999.



Those who are on the Electoral Roll are listed in the two churches (no addresses), as per church regulations, if you wish to check that your name is on the list.  Please call or text Fran Rogers NOW (07930 905890) if you have been omitted or would like to be added.  Or email


The next quiet time will be Thursday 25th April 2:30pm at St Nicholas, Pett Level.


Our Annual Meeting is on Tuesday 2nd April at 7pm at the Village Hall.  All the community are welcome.  We will be electing our representatives and reviewing the last year.


Wednesday 3rd April at Angela Hawksley’s home, Cliff House, Pett Level at 12:30pm in aid of the Steeple Fund.  Soup, bread and cheese AND a raffle.  Call or text Angela if you can attend so she can plan food: 07976 389635 or email:


Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes, will be visiting this area for three days in March. On the first evening, Tuesday 26th March, he will speak at the Deanery meeting at St. Richard’s, Winchelsea Beach (opposite the Coop). He is going to speak about church strategy over the next five years and he is anxious that as many people as possible should attend.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and give your views. So do think about coming! The meeting starts at 7.30pm. I know this is the second church meeting in March, but I can assure you that Bishop Richard is an interesting and entertaining speaker.

Angela Hawksley, Churchwarden, Pett Church


It’s time to attack the brambles and thin out the over/undergrowth before the birds start nesting. If you can help we are gathering on Saturday 2nd March at 10am. Please bring garden tools, and we will supply soup and a roll. If the weather is truly awful then we will aim for the following Saturday!


We now have a “Happy Birthday” flag for our village flagpole at the church! We also have a large blackboard and coloured chalks at the back of the church so you can write your own message and place the board on the bank, in front of the wall. Let everyone know whose birthday you are celebrating, and if your dare, their age. Call Gill Buttle on 812012 to arrange. We just ask for a £2 donation in the box.


Every six years the Church of England asks parishes to renew their Electoral Rolls. If you were on the last Roll you should have received a new form by post to complete. If you would like to join the Roll then there are forms in both churches; just complete the application form (very simple) and put in the envelope provided.

Being on the Roll means you are automatically eligible for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals to be conducted in your parish church. If you are a regular churchgoer then you would also receive a reduction on those fees. But, more importantly, being on the Roll means you can vote for the members of the Parochial Church Council, who are the Trustees of the church, and thereby can influence what happens within your church, and attend PCC meetings.


The next one will be Thursday 21st March, 2:30pm at St Nicholas, Pett Level.


It is time to spring clean and pass along all those “gifts” that were thoughtfully given but unused. Don’t forget the shed and garage; do you really need all that “stuff”. We cannot accept furniture, electrical goods and big items but would welcome most other things. But also, other people’s discards could be JUST what you need and at a knockdown price! Besides, isn’t it fun to rummage? So whether you are giving, buying or want to help, remember the date: Saturday 23rd March at the Village Hall. Drop items off at 9am and stay and help set up, otherwise the doors open at midday until 2pm. All proceeds will be split between the Flower Show fund and Friends of Pett Churches. For more information call Gill Plank on 812154


SO now you are on the Electoral Roll you can attend our Annual Meeting and hear about the past year, the financial status and vote (or put yourself forward) as a member of the church council. You do make a difference! Tuesday 2nd April at 7pm at the Village Hall.


Would you like to take part in a Diocese of Chichester Survey? The church wants to know what you think about their Five Year Plan and this is a chance to participate whether you go to church or not. Indeed they would welcome having input from the general public, particularly community leaders of groups. It will take about 6 minutes to complete.


Starting on Wednesday 13th March, weekly until 10th April, at 4pm at St Peter’s Fairlight. The 3rd April course will follow the lunch at Angela Hawksley’s in aid of the Steeple Fund.


Thank you to all who have been dropping off books at the two churches.  Unfortunately we no longer have much available space at Pett Church.  Many times we have to recycle books that are old or not suitable such as old travel guides or cookery books (everyone uses computers these days), and this takes time, and space in our recycling bins!  St Nicholas can only take modern paperback FICTION books.  Please do not leave factual books or old hardbacks.  Also, no one seems to have VCRs any more so please, only DVDs not videos.



Do you have any photos of Pett Level that you think might look good on a card?  No reward except a name credit on the back of the card.  We are always looking for fresh images that people might like to buy. Or if you would like cards printed up for your own use that can be arranged too, maybe of your house or pet?  Email any photos to



You will be aware of concerns in the papers and on the news of the potential misuse of data through transfer to third parties.  The Government will bring GDPR into effect on 25th May.  The Parochial Church Council (PCC) does hold persona data.  Some of this data is a legal requirement such as marriage registers and the electoral roll; some is to manage finance, such as gift aid and donations.  The PCC’s Privacy Notice can be seen on the church noticeboards and on the church website.  Please be assured we do not pass on any personal information but please let us know if you have any concerns at all or have any questions.  If your information is held in any of our files you will be sent a consent form to sign in the next few weeks so that we can continue to contact you about anything which relates to the running of our churches.



In the last few months it has been noticed that small items have been taken from Pett church, such as crockery, extension cord, and flowers from the churchyard, and other various items. So far nothing of significant value has been taken, but this is a worrying trend that needs to be curtailed if we are to leave the church open to all.  Please let us know if you see anything suspicious.  In the meantime we would ask that you contact a member of the church (at the back of the magazine) to pick up items rather than leaving them in the back of the church or in the porch.  Or take them during a Sunday service where they can immediately be handed over.  Thank you.



If you have items for this very worthwhile charity, can you call Jan Marsh on 812737 to let her know when you might drop items off in the church porch so she can pick them up immediately?  Thank you.



Thank you to Diane Sinclair for donating an almost new, large, portable gazebo for church use.  This will come in very useful for many events, such as our upcoming Flower Festival.





Last year we had a centrefold in the Village News magazine, which could be complete if you wanted to become a Friend.  We have recently sent out renewals for this year.  If you missed that opportunity and would like to help support the upkeep of the church there are forms inside both St Mary and St Peter AND St Nicholas.  Please help keep our churches in good repair and support the projects we are undertaking.


St Mary & St Peter in Photos

(All photos courtesy of Fran Rogers)

St Mary and St Peter, Pett


St Mary and St Peter, Pett, exterior


St Mary and St Peter – Interior



St Mary and St Peter – Stained Glass Window



The church clock – from inside the spire


Members of the Parochial Church Council discussing what work needs to be done need to be done at the back of the church interior



The War Memorial in the churchyard – this will be the focal point for the centenary commemoration of the end of World War One later this year: it is scheduled for restoration – see here for further details