Pett Church Services in January (*note time/location change)

Sunday 6 January      9.30am     Holy Communion      Pett Church

Sunday 13 January    10.45am*  Annual Covenant Service at Pett Methodist Church* with guest speaker Rev’d John Hellyer

Sunday 20 January    8.00am     Holy Communion BCP, St Nicholas Pett Level

 Thursday 24 January 2.30pm    Meditation, St Nicholas, Pett Level

Sunday 27 January      9.30am    Holy Communion    Pett Church




Toy Service

This service is held jointly with the Pett Methodist Chapel. This year it will take place at Pett Parish Church at 10.30am on Sunday 9th December.
Why is it called the Toy Service? Because people who come to the service bring a toy which is taken up to the front of the church during the service. Later the toys are given to Family Support Work to be distributed to those families in the Hastings area who have no money to spend on toys.

There is a special request this year for toys/books/games for older children. No more soft toys are needed.
There is also a special request from the parish church that you make a star and bring it to the service where it will be used to decorate the church. This will be part of the Follow the Star project.

Follow the Star

Star of wonder, star of might
Star with royal beauty bright Westward leading, still proceeding Guide us to thy perfect light.

Follow the Star is the Church of England’s 2018 Christmas campaign. But never fear! Pett’s version of Follow the Star will not be arduous but will be a meaningful and exciting run-up to Christmas Day.
All we ask is that you and your children should make a star and bring it along to one of the Christmas Services, preferably the Toy Service on 9th December (at 1030am) or the Christingle service on Christmas Eve (at 3pm). Your star will then help to decorate the church. Don’t worry about the size of the star.

Why a star? Because we are told in the Bible (Matthew Chapter 2) that there were Magi (or they may have been wise men or kings or astrologers), who were led by following the star to where Jesus was. And so we should also feel that we are following the star to Jesus.
On a personal note, my time trying to complete a jigsaw of Van Gogh’s Starry Night I thought had put me off stars for ever. Also, I had always been a bit puzzled as to why the Magi from the East should be following a star also in the East. The answer is that they knew it was Jesus’ star when it first appeared and it moved westwards until it was over Bethlehem where Jesus was born and so they did too. And there is still, even in these days of so much scientific knowledge about stars, something a bit mysterious and also exciting about all the stars and, at Christmastime, especially this star.


St Mary & St Peter, Pett Road, Pett

St Nicholas, Pett Level

St Andrew’s, Coastguard Lane, Fairlight TN35 4AB

St Peter’s, Broadway, Fairlight Cove TN35 4DA


Rector Rev. Richard Barron   01424   812799



Retired Minister             Rev K Burnett

Layreader                          M Deasy


Homegroups for Christian teaching, prayer and support.

Every Wednesday from 7.30 – 9.15pm in Fairlight.

Monthly Homegroup in Pett.  Please ask for more details


Crèche & Junior church at St Andrew’s Fairlight 10.30am


Teddies Mums & Toddlers Tuesdays in term time

At St Peter’s Church Centre, Fairlight Cove

Corner of Waites Lane and Broadway

A small friendly group available to all parents and carers.


Messy Church meets in Fairlight Village Hall 3.30 – 5pm on

Sunday 3 October    Sunday 7 November   Sunday 5 December   –  Includes food


The vision for St Andrew’s Fairlight is to be a loving, inclusive family, sharing a passion for Jesus.