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See below to download an application form 

Or contact Carol Pecorini at 01424 813544 .


Data Protection

The PVH 500 club have looked carefully  into the law on Data Protection that came into force on 25th May 2018.
It has been necessary to update the Terms and Conditions of Membership on the application and renewal forms .
Members are asked to carefully read the forms and sign agreement to their details being given to the club.
Renewals will be sent bbc (by blind copy) to those members on Email detailing their name and number to aid the administration.
In reviewing the rules it is pleasing to note that members can now join at 16 years of age.
Please sign


The Pett Village Hall 500 Club is administered and run solely by volunteers. Membership costs £12 per annum for each number
purchased. Each month all the eligible numbers are put into a draw. 50% of the subscription money goes to
Pett Village Hall Fund and the remaining 50% goes into the prize fund. In 2018, the 500 Club met most of the cost of two new central heating boilers at the Village Hall.

The prize fund is then divided into four prizes of £12.00 and then the remainder is divided between
two winners in the proportions of 60% to the First Prize-winner and 40% to the Second Prize-winner.

If members do not renew, their numbers will be excluded from the next monthly draw, but it is
hoped that you will continue to support the Village Hall in this way.

Payment is either by standing order or by cheque or cash. All details are on the forms available to
download below or may be obtained from the Butcher’s Shop.


We offer a Gift membership for £12 annually. A friend or family member could be a Happy Winner in the future!

Please join and Good Luck.

500 Club Join – January 2021

500 Club Rejoin – January 2021

PVH 500 Club Gift Membership Form January 2019